Making and makerspaces are new terms for an old idea – that children learn best by fully engaging their heads, hearts, and hands. Modern technology allows schools, libraries, community organizations, and other learning spaces to offer experiences to children that are both intellectually rich and expressive. FabLearn advocates and supports constructionist learning experiences for all children.


A multi-disciplinary group designing and researching new technologies for education. We understand new technologies not only as a way to optimize the existing educational system, but as a transformative force that can generate radically new ways of knowing and learning

Center for Computational Thinking and Design (CCTD)

is an interdisciplinary center at Aarhus University. The vision for the center is to further develop the research and educational perspectives on basic IT competencies - the “21st century learning skills”. This work is ongoing, and focuses on all levels of education in Denmark, from primary education to university level curriculum. This work calls for new perspectives on IT education within programming, digital fabrication, digital innovation, design studies, digital methodology amongst others. The center works with these perspectives across educational contexts within the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences.